Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Question Asked...

On Sunday we went to Grace's first Birthday party (of which there will be more pictures!)

Our friend Kelly was there with her 11 week old daughter Emma! She is the tiniest little thing and Kell has settled quite nicely into motherhood! Mike and I had talked about having bio kids, actually one bio child, but once we came home with the little man, that idea rapidly flew out the window! Neither of us was in love with the idea of waking every two hours to feed or change...totally selfish, maybe..but at least we can be honest!! So instead, we will be adopting another Ethiopia beauty...but an older one...after we pay down our monsterous debt and save for the more refinancing!!
But this still brings up the question of how Marley will react to being a big brother and sharing his mom and dad with another person! I got to hold Emma yesterday and I think he did ok! When he first discovered cute little being on Momma's lap he came over, stared at her and gave me a hug...very cute, but I was undecided as to how he felt about the whole idea!
So I pulled them both on my lap, and I have to say I was pretty good at multitasking two babies (at one point I was feeding Emma and pulling Marley up on my lap at the same time)! But, Marley then began to "pet" Emma...I am not sure from where the petting came: curiosity, jealousy, the topic is still a mystery and I suppose we will have plenty of time to let unfold before we really start preparing for a new family member!!


Brooke said...

enjoyed perusing your blog - linked from the forum. i was wondering if you would email me or post a pic of the AHOPE bracelets you mentioned. Thanks!

Brooke said...

oops is my email.