Friday, June 25, 2010

A Picture's Worth...

OK, so I know every Mom says her kid is amazing and smart and gifted and blah, blah, blah, but I really can't believe how smart (and diversely smart) he is!! He has recently started grabbing my camera whenever he gets the chance and taking pictures. It started with the Iphone, which by the way he can totally operate, probably better than me...and has now evolved into my digital camera. Some of the shots I'm sure are are just randomly taken and just happen to be beautiful abstract images like this one...

But there are others that he deliberately sets out to take like these of his crayons while we were at a restaurant

Sure they're out of focus, but he's 3 ish. But then there are the portraits that he takes like this one of my nephew that are really, really good. Liz (Dylan's GF) said this was one of the best pictures she's ever seen of him! I agree it is a fabulous picture, especially when you consider it was taken by his 3 year-old cousin!
And this one isn't bad! Not one of my best, but I judge the quality of my pix by my vain-o-meter...I don't look too old or too fat, so it's not bad (and yes, yes, I know...thank God I'm not the Mom to a girl because I would pass down my never ending body issues...blah, blah, blah)! It is in focus and the lighting is good, and again...taken by my 3 year-old. And he's holding the camera and it's STILL in focus...
Then there's this one that I think truly captures my dad's (Papa) personality...and it just makes me laugh!
Another abstract and up close of my mom (Gramma...formerly "Fwamma" but he grew out of it before my mom was ready to move on).
I also love this one of my mom! She is really into Marley right now and I think (hope) that he makes her feel as good, and as loved, and as able to love as he makes me feel! She shared something with me the other day that indicates that he does, but I will keep that between the 3-5 of us!
It was so great having my parents only a 45 minute car ride away for a whole month! I haven't been that close to them (literally, not figuratively) since 1993 when I lived on the West side of Tucson the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year of college. To say that I enjoyed my time with them and their time with Marley and Mike is a drastic understatement! I hope that all my nieces and nephew appreciate the time they have been able to spend with their grand parents!! Cuz they are pretty cool as far as I am concerned....just look at them!

Evil Mar-nevil

As if he couldn't possibly get any cuter, he DOES!! Can you believe this?!?! I mean seriously?!? How does so much cuteness fit into one tiny little body? I want to eat him ALL THE TIME! I am absolutely dumbfounded at how much I am in love with this little person who brightens my home and makes me laugh out loud every single day! And he is turning into such a little makes me sad sometimes, lots of times actually, because he IS growing up, and he IS becoming so independent! But of course, I am also so proud of him for being brave, and smart, and just...I don't know...all together AWESOME!!

And now he goes and gets even cuter because he's has been riding his new Thomas the Train scooter around the house with the addition of goggles. He totally reminds me of the little girl from the movie UP when she takes of her helmet and her hair explodes.
He has also been known to ride with only goggles and shoes, but I didn't think it appropriate to post those pictures here. It amazes me everyday how hilarious this kid is! The goggles he's wearing here aren't his, so now his new obsession is my pink goggles....which of course he rocks!