Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No News Does NOT Feel Like Good News

I can't believe that we could actually go to the new year without a referral. Although perhaps I indicated I would be fine with that in my last post, I am not! I am not stressing or freaking or angry, but I am definitely at the point where I feel like this is actually NEVER going to happen. Like a dream vacation that you long for and talk about, purchase posters of and save a picture of the destination as your lap top wall paper...but all the while you secretly know you will never go will always just be the hypotheitcal "dream vacation". Well that is how I am feeling. I do hope that in a few months I will be one of the many parents who excitedly proclaim "I don't even remember what life was like without our baby in our lives". Perhaps...
Maybe it's like the surreal feeling I have regarding my high school friends who have children...Seriously??! When did that happen?!? I've met them, I've loved them, I've even had them fall asleep on my chest, but it still sometimes takes me by surprise.
So even though the nursery is is about 95% complete, I still feel like it will never be occupied. I remember last year at Christmas "knowing" that would be our last Christmas without children...yet here I am, once again with no children. I am not depressed by this, it just perpetuates the feeling that this will never truly happen!
Sorry this wasn't a more uplifitng post!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

No News

November has come and gone and we are still childless. Our SW at CHSFS told us she is hoping to get more children by the end of the month. So I guess I will just wrap my brain around the idea that we won't have a referral until the new year!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trying to Cut Corners

While waiting for our referral we have been coming up with very creative ways to save money!!

As you may know, while we were in France our fridge went on the fritz. To keep costs low and make sure the fridge is still running in top condition, we have hired Franklin to ensure its upkeep. All he requires as payment is some extra food and tons of love!! Best plummer's butt!!

My Surogate Children

While we all anxiously await our referral, it looks like I am not the only one who is trying to fill the void!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

While we have been waiting...

We have come quite a long way in the nursery!! It's actually starting to look like a real nursery now! Mike and I built the changing table, hung the shelves and added a really groovy fish bowl! It's keeping me occupied and I am feeling close to the chips by being in their room and preparing for their arrival. Sometimes I sit in the rocker and rock the cabbage patch kid (or the cats) for practice!!
I will add the pix when I get home!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What the Hizzy?!?

So it has been almost two weeks since any referrals were given out and I am starting to get quite ansty!! The courts reopened in early October and I thought we would know who our chips are...but alas we do NOT!! Dad had a dream that we would get our referral for opposite sex twins on October 28...that's a Sunday, so maybe Friday the 26 or Monday the 29...that would be cool! Mom says the 6 of November and Mike Halloween...I had my bets on October 12...came and went!!
We have done some more work on the nurser, I guess I can post pictures of that while I wait!! Well, there isn't really much else that I can say or do at this point...patience has never been one of my thangs...oh where is the humanity?!?