Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LL Cool Fam!!

It's really hard to contain such coolness in this family of three!! Marley's coolness is even exploding out of his hair!!

It's hard to compete with Master Marley's cool factor...but we try!!

All three of the Marcos clan is going through some hair changes...Marley's is getting big and beatiful, Dad's is growing and I cut and colored mine...all by myself!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Can't Get Enough

So the kid absolutely loves to read!! And he knnows that in order for me to read to him, he has to sit on my lap! Sometimes the urge to read overtakes anything that either he or I are doing! Lately he has taken to pushing me to the couch so I can sit and read to him...but sometimes he will want me to read wherever I am sitting...even on the toilet! I love his expression in the first pic..."don't distract her from reading Dad!!"


Marley is refining his palate and apparently likes the taste of brushed steel knobs!! Don't judge!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

TOMS Shoes

The shoes are great and the cause is even greater! I ordered three pairs of shoes yesterday, 2 for me, 1 for Marley. The shoes that go to the Ethiopians are actually made in Addis Ababa! So, not only does TOMS give people shoes, they also give people jobs! What a wonderful thing!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet Sleep Seized Suddenly

Dad took Marley to a soccer game yesterday while I got a hideous haircut! Apparently they played pretty hard, becuase he crashed out before he could even eat his 5pm! Poor little guy slept until 9 this morning!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

So many things to be thankful for this big thing obvioulsy! I was reflecting on the last year, the last two years actually...that's when it all began! Two years ago in November the booming voice that woke me in the middle of the night urging me to "GO" forward with the adoption; a voice so clear and deep I started the following day. Two years ago we began the roller coaster known as the adoption process; ironically enough we met with our social worker at a Starbucks in Little Ethiopia to turn in one of our many applications.

Two years ago friendships were tested and true colors came out loud and clear in those we chose to help us along the way! So many ups and downs for 16 long months...and I know that 16 months doesn't seem like that long to some who have already been waiting longer! Two years ago at Christmas I remember crying at my computer because I already wanted my little boy to be in my arms...wondering how I would ever survive the wait! Last year, I thought I would lose my mind as we inched closer to a referral and dealt with the toughest decision of our lives.

It's funny how when you are in the middle of the something and you know there is a lesson to be learned, but you just can't figure out what it is until you are through it; when you reflect on it afterward it seems so clear... I learned something on Sunday night while watching, of all things, Evan Almighty.
When I pray for something, God will undoubtedly test my desire to really have it! In my case I prayed for patience, and instead of being given the calm and serenity that comes with peace, I was tested like never before to listen to my intuition, discuss with my husband and put my impatience aside; something I am not good at doing. But now, one year later, I look at my little boy, my darling little guy who has been mine before and all along; I know we made the right decision, and I learned that having patience, although perhaps not gratifying, is something I am thankful to know I have, and chose to exercise.
So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for being tested, I am thankful for being bent and almost broken during this most trying of adoption processes, because ultimately I have been rewarded with the ultimate family, my new friends, my being complete and perfectly content! I am happier than I have ever imagined possible!

Fourth Meal

You know the's late at night (and by late I mean 6:30), you're getting ready for bed, or in this case a bath, and all of the sudden you feel the urge to splurge! Well the urge overtook Marley right before bath time, so he had naked snack before his bath! Made for real easy clean up!!

I think this will be his senior year baby photo!! He'll love that!

Minneapolis Here He Comes

We've booked our flight and hotel and the mister looks like he's ready for the cold! He's a snow angel if ever I've seen one!