Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Pix WIth Gramma and Geems

Just some more pix with Marley's Gramma and Great Geems and Grampa!!

Just Because...

I just wanted to share this picture because I just absolutely looooove the way Marley is looking at he really loves me!! When he is 14 and I am so uncool, yeah, right like that will ever happen...I will whip out this picture and remind him that once upon a time, he really, really loved me!!

A Lesson of Contrasts

My dad says his feet were never this small...but I bet they were!! This picture is just too darn cute! I love it!!

Swinging Sweetly to Sleep

Today on our afternoon walk and park trip, Marley went for his routine swing, but this time he fell asleep instead of giggle until near explosion! I can't decide what is cuter...giggle fits or swing sleeping!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spinning WIth Excitement

Marley's new trick is to spin around like a top on his's the latest addition to his happy dance and it was out in full force yesterday while playing with Alia!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yet Another Party...

And our third and final party was for Lesley's Gram's 85th birthday! After this party Marley let us sleep in until 9am...that rocked!! Lesley's kids Kais and Sady (Oh I pray I spelled that correctly) totally adored him and had such great questions about adoption, Ethiopia, and Marley's background! Lesley has done such a great job raising these two beautiul children...Les, I'm proud of you and proud to be your best friend!!

His Hair is Big!!

This goes out to my neice and Marley's cousin Katherine who gave us the fabulous idea of picking Marley's hair out...I think you will all agree, he is cute with or without the fro!!!

Marley's First Bday Party!!

Marley's totally awesome Aunt Kathy threw him his first ever birthday party...equiped with cake, balloons, streamers, favors, two pools and presents galore...not to mention the delicious Mexican food!! Everyone had a blast!! And we even met some new Alec who is also from Ethiopia...birthdays rock!!

Meeting the Grammas!!

Fianlly, Marley got to meet Gramma this weekend! There will be more pix of that as I get them...but theses are just a few with Gramma and Geems! Marley sure loved his Gramma and Great Geems!!

Party Time!!

This weekend was filled with parties...three to be exact! The first one for Marley's cousin Dylan's (my nephew) graduation. Dylan is such an awesome guy, and as I told my sister this weekend....if Marley grows up to be half as good a guy as Dylan...then I would have done something right!! I can't beleive you graduated and are off to college to pursue a career as a fire fighter!! Dylan, you rock bud!! I am so proud of you and even more proud to be your Aunt! I love you man!!
Dylan was Marley's age when I graduated from high how time flies!!

Swingin' Baby

Mike and I took Marley to the park before we left for Tucson...he clearly loved it!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hellooooo Neighbors

Oh, to be young, naked and in the living room window!!

Gram and Gidtu

Mike's parents came over for dinner yesterday and spent some awesome quality time with Marley!! Not to mention the yummy food they brought over!

A Day at the Beach!

We had so much fun this weekend enjoying the warm weather!! Marley and I went to Mother's Beach on Friday and then to the boat for a little nap. On Saturday, after a marathon 3 hour nap, we went to the beach with the Workmans! A good day was had by all!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big Boy Bath...

As if it's not enough that he is turning 1 on Friday, his perfect gummy grin is hours away from disappearing with the arrival of a top tooth...he's now too big for the sink and is taking baths in the big boy bath tub...I am actually crying while writing this...really...yes, I am an emotionally maniacal Mommy!!