Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion by Marley

To advance his headware line, Marley has introduced the oh-so-fashionable swim diaper hat...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Fabulous Terrible Twos!

Although Marley's Birthday isn't until next month, he is absolutely demonstrating the terrible twos and its oh so many joys!! The temper which ignites like firestorm over something, as seemingly, trivial as not being able to brush his teeth at 3 in the afternoon, or not having his food magically appear on his plate the instant he requests it...or God forbid Mom wants to hold his hand while he is crossing the street...look out!!

But for all of the tantrums and their hilarity, he is still the cutest thing EVER...even when he does is the end of one such event!

Toothbrush Time!!

Certain people are TOTALLY obsessed with their toothbrush! Temper tantrums abound when it is not time to brush... and joy is had by all when, alas, it tooth brushing time!!

And he is also sleeping with his Water Polo ball...Uncle Shaver would be very proud!

St. Patty's Day Festive

Marley this awesome hat at school, but I didn't get to bring it home until last week! So talented!

Sweet, Sweet, Sleep

Oh... these are the moments I waited for all those months!! I love this little guy!

His Hair is HUGE!!

It just keeps getting bigger everyday!!

TOMS "A Day Without Shoes"

Last week the TOMS shoe company encouraged people to spend an entire day without wearing shoes! I took the challenge and went to the La Brea Tar Pits with my sister and Mike...and no shoes!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Open House

Marley accompanied me to Open House last week. He enjoyed a scrumptious dinner and then began on his latest art project, which is currently on display in my room!!

Valentine's Day

Ok, so I know V Day was almost two months ago...but I just found these pix! We dressed the little Mister up for the special day because they were decorating Valentine's Day boxes and delivering cards in his class. He, of course, was totally adorable!! And super excited about the stickers he dismantled from his box!

Good Times!

Another fun day of softball! It was Dad's last game and we went out to cheer him onto victory...until this cute girl came along and started playing soccer with him!

After the long fought win on the softball field, my two boys decided to hit the hay!!

Worn out from all the day's events, Marley couldn't even finish his dinner...
or his dance!'re crazy!!

Another Date With Princess Grace

We started at the homestead and Grace brought her brother Jackson with her this time. I think at this point in the relationship, Marley is making sure all family members are in support of this courtship! Marley held nothing back as he opened BOTH sides of the toy box...and as you can see Jack was thoroughly impressed and engrossed in the contents! I think this photo captures the true success of the day as Jackson humbly holds the Ethiopian flag proudly in his hand! A sure sign of respect and approval!

With Mom in tow for reinforcement and relationship advice, we headed over to the water park...

Marley wasted no time in buttering up the Princess' father and went straight for the bear hug...

Grace appreciated the gesture...

Dad was there to witness the blessed event...

and the rest of the day went off without a hitch...

One Year Famiversary

I can't believe that on March 7 we celebrated our one-year Famiversary! One year!! One glorious, happy, life changing year or joy! It's amazing how much we have taken to being a family! And Marley is such a fabulous little spirit, every day Mike and I thank God for all of the struggle and emotional turmoil we went through to have Marley! I wouldn't change a moment of any of it!!
To celebrate we had dinner at El Torrito, where Marley created several masterpeices!!

And we were going to let him drive home....
But he had a few too many at our celebratory dinner!!