Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Fabulous Terrible Twos!

Although Marley's Birthday isn't until next month, he is absolutely demonstrating the terrible twos and its oh so many joys!! The temper which ignites like firestorm over something, as seemingly, trivial as not being able to brush his teeth at 3 in the afternoon, or not having his food magically appear on his plate the instant he requests it...or God forbid Mom wants to hold his hand while he is crossing the street...look out!!

But for all of the tantrums and their hilarity, he is still the cutest thing EVER...even when he does is the end of one such event!


Julie said...

Of course he is going to cry if you make him wear your bra on his head all of the time.

msl said...

LOL!! We're right there with you!