Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Christmas Time

Last year we were flying to Minneapolis on Christmas and didn't have a tree...nor did we have room for one, so this year, we are able to celebrate in style...almost...note the mismatched paint on the wall...we have grown tired of painting and things have kind of come to a stand still...regardless, we are still in the Christmas spirit!!

We celebrated Christmas with Mike's parents yesterday and also went to a Christmas extravaganza with Santa at his school...he loved it all!

After the festivities at school, we went home to open presents with Gram and Gidtu!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Been WAYYYYYY Too Long

I haven't updated the blog in months because we I haven't had my camera and we have been living out of suitcases pretty much since the last blog post. Well, I still can't find the camera cab;e to connect to the computer, but I do have a few photos from my iphone. So I shall attempt to catch up on the events of our summer.
We first lived Kelli and Emma for the last month of school, which was a life saver in the finance department! Then we went to Indio for a week with Papa, which was great!! Sun and swimming! Then it was off to Carlsbad, which is where we have been ever since! This is a picture of our pad...we are staying in the little apartment at the bottom...not the gigantic and beautiful mansion!And this is the view from our place. Every night after we put Marley to bed, we take our camping chairs out to the front yard and enjoy a glass of wine while we watch the sunset. We are certainly more thatn ready to move to Temecula and get settle into our new home!While we have been here, we haven't had the funds to do much, but we have taken Marley to Legoland where he was able to meet Bob the Builder.And we took him to Chuck E Cheese in Temecula...And to the San Diego Wild Animal ParkAnd plenty of trips to the beach!!So, all in all, I would say that it has been a pretty good summer! And we can't wait to begin our new life in Temecula!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He's Too Cool!!

Fun With Aunt Melly

My sister came to visit us during spring break and she had quite a good time with her nephew!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World AIDS Orphan Day

There’s a movement growing. Everyday in the Western world someone’s eyes are opened to the orphan crisis that’s ravaging the developing countries. The problem seems so large and we seem so insignificant. We can make a difference though. By raising awareness we foster a community and as a community we can provide. We’re asking you to help us in creating that community. World AIDS Orphan Day is May 7th. The AHOPE Store has developed a t-shirt to commemorate this day and the community of supporters that are growing year after year. Please join us in raising awareness. It’s simple. Order our newest t-shirt from the AHOPE Store for a $10 donation. (All proceeds go towards care of the children served by AHOPE.) Wear your shirt as often as possible, and especially on World AIDS Orphan Day. It will serve as a reminder to your community. It may even create a dialogue. That dialogue could open someone’s eyes. You might inspire them to do more, give more. We are asking you to join us in creating a community that is committed to orphan care. After seeing what one little t-shirt can you might be inspired yourself. If that’s the case be sure to check out the World AIDS Orphan Day website. Here you can find further information on this grassroots campaign and how to organize an event in your area. The campaign was founded by FXB International in 2002 and continues to grow year after year. To order your shirt, please visit For orders of 20 or more please contact Marissa Baker at Thank you very much for your support of AHOPE! Please share this on your blog and through email. We are excited about this shirt and hope that you will be too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Full Moon Morning

I have no idea how this happened since he didn't make a peep last night, but this was the beautiful sight we awoke to this morning! Michael said when Marley actually woke up and Mike went in there, he grabbed his diaper, handed it to Michael and said "uh-oh"...too much!!
He's sooo gonna kill me when he's 16!

Domincan Family Photos

We had such a wonderful time during Spring Break at the Domincan Republic! One of the highlights was the professional photographer we hired to take some family photos. It was kind of hot that day and we got in as many as we could before certain people had a melt down...and before Marley got tired too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion by Marley

To advance his headware line, Marley has introduced the oh-so-fashionable swim diaper hat...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Fabulous Terrible Twos!

Although Marley's Birthday isn't until next month, he is absolutely demonstrating the terrible twos and its oh so many joys!! The temper which ignites like firestorm over something, as seemingly, trivial as not being able to brush his teeth at 3 in the afternoon, or not having his food magically appear on his plate the instant he requests it...or God forbid Mom wants to hold his hand while he is crossing the street...look out!!

But for all of the tantrums and their hilarity, he is still the cutest thing EVER...even when he does is the end of one such event!

Toothbrush Time!!

Certain people are TOTALLY obsessed with their toothbrush! Temper tantrums abound when it is not time to brush... and joy is had by all when, alas, it tooth brushing time!!

And he is also sleeping with his Water Polo ball...Uncle Shaver would be very proud!