Sunday, February 15, 2009

World AIDS Orphan Day

There’s a movement growing. Everyday in the Western world someone’s eyes are opened to the orphan crisis that’s ravaging the developing countries. The problem seems so large and we seem so insignificant. We can make a difference though. By raising awareness we foster a community and as a community we can provide. We’re asking you to help us in creating that community. World AIDS Orphan Day is May 7th. The AHOPE Store has developed a t-shirt to commemorate this day and the community of supporters that are growing year after year. Please join us in raising awareness. It’s simple. Order our newest t-shirt from the AHOPE Store for a $10 donation. (All proceeds go towards care of the children served by AHOPE.) Wear your shirt as often as possible, and especially on World AIDS Orphan Day. It will serve as a reminder to your community. It may even create a dialogue. That dialogue could open someone’s eyes. You might inspire them to do more, give more. We are asking you to join us in creating a community that is committed to orphan care. After seeing what one little t-shirt can you might be inspired yourself. If that’s the case be sure to check out the World AIDS Orphan Day website. Here you can find further information on this grassroots campaign and how to organize an event in your area. The campaign was founded by FXB International in 2002 and continues to grow year after year. To order your shirt, please visit For orders of 20 or more please contact Marissa Baker at Thank you very much for your support of AHOPE! Please share this on your blog and through email. We are excited about this shirt and hope that you will be too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Naked Water Polo

Marley's Uncle Shaver will be so proud of our little man!! He loves his water polo ball and recently bagan taking it in the bath with him!! Here he is practicing his victory face!! And this is his serious pre-game face....very focused!! But I think he's actually playing with his new favorite fpund part...see post below for further explanation!
This would be an action shot...
And his Eldebarge look!!
And this is the expression Marley will make when he realizes what a cheeseball his mom really is!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Day in the Park

So we did finally make it to the park with some of our friends! Marley was once again the only boy in a virtual sea of's a sacrifice, but one he handles with humility and honor! He decided to show off his muscels and push all 4 of these kids on the merry go round! He actully pushed them all by himself, as is demonstrated in the video below! What he lacks in height he more than makes up for in strength...well and cuteness...but that goes without saying!!

It was ll fun and games until Marley discovered this guy....Luis...

Then suddenly the rest of the world ceased to exist!!

"What?? Mom...are you still here?"

Discovering New "Parts"

Marley has discoverd the "extra part" that we girls do not have. And like most men, he is completely obsessed with it! During diaper changes he proudly grabs it asking "What's this?" To which I reply "That's your penis." I think he already has the mind of teenager because everytime I say the word he laughs!! You can also see he must ascertain its existence even with clothes on!
Man I can't wait to show this to peopple when he's's gonna LOVE that!!

Ethiopian Party Machine

A couple of weeks ago we were supposed to have an Ethiopian playdate in the park, but low and behold, it rained! Anne was nice enough to volunteer her pad as the new playdate locale! It was pretty crazy and by the time we got all the kiddos together for a group shot, it was clear to all involved that nap time was upon us!!

A Date with Princess Grace

Marley's girlfriend, the esteemed Princess Gracie, came over for an afternoon date. Tragically the two had been seperated when Marley, the big guy he is, was graduated into the Stage III room at daycare...leaving the poor and helpless Grace to fend for herself in Stage II.
Marley was showing signs of depression: listening to The Cure, taking long baths alone in the candlelight, and brooding in his room...I swear I heard "My gift will be the death of me...oh intelligence, advancement and cute...what good is it all if I am seperated from my love?!?!" coming from his crib.
So, being the caring parents we are, we had to invite Grace, and her father, over! The afternoon went as follows: First Marley tried to impress Grace with the new wheels his grandparents bought him...the Bat Cycle, complete with theme music, flashing turn indicators, and Bruce Wayne himself ordering all riders to "Get to the Batcave". Thinking Grace would be intimidated by such sheer force and power, Marley gently coaxed her onto the bike with the reassurance that he would be there shoould she need him....

Clearly, that was not the case! Grace quickly took over, asserting her independence and bravery, the bike was no match for a Princess of Grace's metal! Marley looks on...proud!
After taking the bike for a spin around the compund a few times, Grace grew tired of this material possession...motorbikes are no way to a princess's heart!! Of course Marley knows this, he is a Renaissance Man. So he invites her into the living lair for a little poetry and a bottle of white...

After a few sips of the good stuff, a 1985 Chardonay I think it was, Grace eased into the rest of the afternoon content to be read to and doted over...

You can tell she is a true princess by the pinky finger lift while drinking!!

Sweet Sleep

Everyone loves a sleeping baby! Especially his tired parents!!

This one is my favorite! This past weekend he fell asleep a few times while still sitting up...part of the nap rebellion! I usually go in and move him to a lying position, but I had to get a picture of this one first! Look at that flexibility!! Michael likes to refer to his finally giving into sleep as "Tacoing"...I would say this fits the description to a T-aco!

Big Man on Campus

Marley is already going to high school!! Well, yes it may just be in my classroom, but he does look pretty big!!

Minnesota Zoo

We spent a day at teh zoo, and although there were many cool things to see and do, the only thing I managed to take a picture of was Marley's encounter with a turkey who was roaming around in the tropical zone....a lovely and large exhibit that is 72 degrees and balmy! We also happened to run into and meet two moms from the random!!

Minnesota Children's Museum

We were completely amazed at how many things there are to do in Minneapolis if you don't want to venture out into the snow! We spent a snowy afternoon at the Children's Museum, where there were a ton of kids and a ton of things to do! Marley's favorite was the wall with the magnetic kogs (I think that's what they are called are pretty certain that's not how it's spelled). We had to rip him away from them screaming and crying so he could explore the rest of the museum. We only made it through one floor before the tired melt down began..So we put him in the Ergo, in which he zonked out, and went across the street for some delicious sushi!!

More Minneapolis Mayhem

Ok...finally I can update the blog!! These are some pix from Dukem, an Ethiopian restaurant in St. Paul where some our CHSFS forum friends got together to welcome us to the fabulous Twin Cities. As you can see Marley used his new found skills in the ancient tradition of Greek wrestling to secure himself a friend in Eliav...I'm not sure Eliav's mom was as impressed as Mike and I were!! I'm also a bit uncertain about the expression on his face in that first pic...