Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Date with Princess Grace

Marley's girlfriend, the esteemed Princess Gracie, came over for an afternoon date. Tragically the two had been seperated when Marley, the big guy he is, was graduated into the Stage III room at daycare...leaving the poor and helpless Grace to fend for herself in Stage II.
Marley was showing signs of depression: listening to The Cure, taking long baths alone in the candlelight, and brooding in his room...I swear I heard "My gift will be the death of me...oh intelligence, advancement and cute...what good is it all if I am seperated from my love?!?!" coming from his crib.
So, being the caring parents we are, we had to invite Grace, and her father, over! The afternoon went as follows: First Marley tried to impress Grace with the new wheels his grandparents bought him...the Bat Cycle, complete with theme music, flashing turn indicators, and Bruce Wayne himself ordering all riders to "Get to the Batcave". Thinking Grace would be intimidated by such sheer force and power, Marley gently coaxed her onto the bike with the reassurance that he would be there shoould she need him....

Clearly, that was not the case! Grace quickly took over, asserting her independence and bravery, the bike was no match for a Princess of Grace's metal! Marley looks on...proud!
After taking the bike for a spin around the compund a few times, Grace grew tired of this material possession...motorbikes are no way to a princess's heart!! Of course Marley knows this, he is a Renaissance Man. So he invites her into the living lair for a little poetry and a bottle of white...

After a few sips of the good stuff, a 1985 Chardonay I think it was, Grace eased into the rest of the afternoon content to be read to and doted over...

You can tell she is a true princess by the pinky finger lift while drinking!!

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