Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adventures in Bali wood...well not really

Ever since Mike and I went to Greece, which was my bucket list trip before having a baby, I have wanted to go to Bali.  I think it's because of House Hunters International and my misgivings about China being peaceful and Zen's not for those of you who have not gone!  So Bali was the first place we visited when we landed and got settled in Bangkok.

This is what I thought I would find in China...clearly I did not do my research.  So I was very pleased that Bali was everything I thought and then some!  I also loved the Balinese teak and all the wood working throughout the island.  I could have done some serious damage on furniture.

We stayed at the Club Med because it has an amazing kid friendly vibe and pool.  There was an amazing kids club and Marley was able to go to the beach, do trapeze, perform in plays...he was pretty stoked, especially after spending 6 weeks with Mom and Dad and only intermittent kid interaction.

We also got to watch a trapeze performance on the first night we arrived; there were kids in the performance who were staying at Club Med, so I was hoping Marley would be able to be in the next performance, but we left before the next one.

And it wasn't just fun for Marley...we got to have our fun...which some people might just call boring...but I'm ok with that!

I am pretty sure Marley was either in a performance, or watched a performance every night as part of the Club C Komo...which was the kids club!

And he seemed to always have a mustache...

There was a traditional Balinesse dance show put on at the resort which was really cool.  They purposefully make those crazy eyes faces!!  Marley thought that was hilarious!

We rented a car and driver for the day so I could get my wood working fixation.  The master carvers hold summer workshops for non natives that I would love to attend!!  It's amazing the workmanship and detail in these pieces, and you can see they even use their feet to hold the wood while carving everything by hand...did I mention I could do some damage shopping on this island?!?

Marley found a pet!!

We went to the largest Hindu temple in Bali called Besakih (Bah-saw-key).  It was a celebration day, so we got to see a bunch of Hindu families in their traditional white robes, trek all the way to the top in the pouring rain to give an offering.

We gave an offering and got a blessing too!!

The next day Mike and I ventured out on our own for a little F and F...


and Fish pedicure!!

Yep, even Michael indulged the little buggers!!

The flowers at the resort, and pretty much in this whole region are amazing!!

I never knew what the inside of a lotus flower looked like, but it almost feels and totally looks like plastic...and it's edible!!  People here in Thailand (and I am sure all over the region) eat it on salad.  And it's the national flower of Egypt, which is weird, because I don't remember seeing any lotus flowers while we were in Egypt!

he's so cool he needs his sunglasses in the pool even when it's raining!!

Marley wanted to give Buddha flowers...God I love this kid!!

 These totally amazing sculptures are just in the middle of know...street decor!!