Monday, March 31, 2008

We Love bath Time!!

There have already been posts about bathtime....but he really loves it!! In fact we took our first bath together today in the big bath keep it PG 13, this is not a picture of that!! But it is a picture of how supper snuggle-tastic he is after bath time!! I love it!!

What we feed him when we go out...

Marley is such a great restaurant goer...which is so fortunate since our
fridge broke....again!! We had to actually buy a new refridgerator, and
were lucky we didn't come home to a charred condo and toasty cats...but
Marley is still getting the hang of what one eats when one goes to a
restaurant. That, or we need to feed him some more!!

Someone's getting cheeks!!

Yes sir, he is gaining weight!! When we took him to the pediatrician last Thursday, he was 15lbs...but it clearly looks like he has gained at least that since we have been home!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Just so you don't think he's a robot

The kid does actually cry...this moment of extremem displeasure occured because his horrble mother would not let him play with digital camera...bad Mommy!!

Just Bounce Wit It!

Our pediatrician told us we need to build the lower body so the Mister can start catching up developmentally in the leg we bought him a bouncer, which as you can see, he seems to like quite a bit!!

Yes, He is the Muffin Man!!

We went to the Bean today before Dad had to go to work...yes, over Spring Break!! Marley fed himself, well mostly the birds, a muffin! It was very cute! He would take a peice of the muffin and get it just about to his mouth, open his fingers a tad too early and most of it would end up on our lap!! But it was quite cute! Oh, and notice the stylin shades he's wearing...he won't wear them on his face, except to eat them!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making New Friends

We went to Pasadena for our first over night at Gram and Grampa Marcos' on Tuesday and Marley met and made many new friends!! He certainly doesn't appear to afraid of dogs!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Momma's Home Cookin'

As I set out on this adventure known as motherhood, I want to do it right: I mop the floor everyday so certain little people don't eat too much cat hair, I kiss him obsessively and I even make his organic meals. It has taken a few recipes to get it just right, but I think you will agree he really enjoyed this exquisite meal of organic free range chicken and butternut squash.

Pretty Big Weekend!!

We had quite the exciting weekend! We took Marley to Lula's Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica on Saturday. He was quite the big boy and sat in a big boy high chair! Of course he was spectacular and well behaved...he even ate guacamole! We stayed for well over an hour, and could've stayed longer except the refridgerator repairman came in the middle of lunch and we had to jeteson on hear we need to buy a brand new fridge!! Yay!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bath Time's Lots of Fun

Daddy was giving the Mr. a bath last night and coame up wth some pretty styling dos...

A Visit From Uncle Bro and Family!!!

We had our first Gillette family visit today by none other than Uncle Bro, Aunt Tam, and cousins Erin and Katherine! Of course he was well received...look at the guy, who wouldn't fall in love with him!

Thanks first visitors!! We had fun!

The Marley Montage

I think I posted this properly, but here goes!"

Look who's drinking from a sippy cup!!

So we've been home for less than a week and Marley is already drinking from a sippy more shot glass for this hard core drinker!! We did cut back from 8 ozs. to 4 ozs. per feefeeding so his stomache wouldn't grow faster than the rest of his little organs! He was getting the hiccups after we fed him or gave him milk...

Las t night we put him down him around 8pm. He slept until 4, took a bottle, went back down a little before 5 and slept until after 7am. He then took a two hour nap at if I can get him to take an afternoon nap, I might be able to say we have him on a schedule!!

He is still an absolute lover!! He's a hit everywhere we go, even we bring people his Poopie!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


After 16 long months, we can now say for absolute certainty that he was so worth the wait!! Check out this montage for the pictures of our first meeting and week together!