Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look who's drinking from a sippy cup!!

So we've been home for less than a week and Marley is already drinking from a sippy more shot glass for this hard core drinker!! We did cut back from 8 ozs. to 4 ozs. per feefeeding so his stomache wouldn't grow faster than the rest of his little organs! He was getting the hiccups after we fed him or gave him milk...

Las t night we put him down him around 8pm. He slept until 4, took a bottle, went back down a little before 5 and slept until after 7am. He then took a two hour nap at if I can get him to take an afternoon nap, I might be able to say we have him on a schedule!!

He is still an absolute lover!! He's a hit everywhere we go, even we bring people his Poopie!!

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