Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Minneapolis Marley

We had a really great time in Minneapolis and didn't even mind the cold too much! Especially because Marley looks soooo cute in his winter gear! We met fabulous new people and really epxlored the city! Here's a pic of Marley enjoying the Nicollet Mall and the famous Carabou Cafe....
and here he is enjoying lunch with our new friends Josie and Mark (although they aren't in the picture)....
On Saturday night some friends from the CHS forum met us in St. Paul at Dukem for some tastey Ethiopian food! Marley made a new friend in Eliav, but his tackling techniques are a tad questionsble...apparently it's not just Dad who gets to wrestle!!
My camera battery just died, so i will continue later...

Don't have my camera up yet...but here are some more pix! This is one of Marley with Mark at Dukem. Josie and Mark have received a referral for their beautiful son and we can't wait until our two boys can play together!!

When Mike and I went to the Vikings game, Tanya had the arduous task of watching the little man! She did a fabulous job and Marley had a wonderful much fun, he even slept in the dog bed!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our First Christmas!!

We went over to Gram and Gidtu's on Christmas Eve to celebrate our first Christmas together as a family! It was so much better having Marley with us in the oh so cute flesh, than having hang in one dimension from the tree!!