Thursday, October 18, 2007

What the Hizzy?!?

So it has been almost two weeks since any referrals were given out and I am starting to get quite ansty!! The courts reopened in early October and I thought we would know who our chips are...but alas we do NOT!! Dad had a dream that we would get our referral for opposite sex twins on October 28...that's a Sunday, so maybe Friday the 26 or Monday the 29...that would be cool! Mom says the 6 of November and Mike Halloween...I had my bets on October 12...came and went!!
We have done some more work on the nurser, I guess I can post pictures of that while I wait!! Well, there isn't really much else that I can say or do at this point...patience has never been one of my thangs...oh where is the humanity?!?

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