Friday, September 26, 2008

I just love this guy!!

I mean could anyone not? Not that anyone I know doesn't love Marley, in fact everyone I meet comments on how happy and fabulous he is! We met with our social worker yesterday for our 6 month post placement visit and I was again reminded of what a fantastic little child we have. When asked how Mike and I are dealing with the exhaustion of being parents, we both kind of looked at each other and said, we aren't really exhausted! The kid sleeps at least 11 hours a night, most nights 12 or 13. He is almost always alseep by 7pm, affording us some "adult time" every night! And he hardly ever cries, and when he does he looks like a Cling-on from Star Trek, so it's super funny!
Every morning when he wakes up he is in such an amazing mood! I will have to get some video of it, because it's pretty entertaining! He is still throwing himself around the crib in fits of laughter much like he did in the Surgery Day video! He gets so excited to see me when I pick him up from the clink...that's daycare! As soon as he sees me he starts waving goodbye to everyone!! He's growing so fast and changing so much everyday! His latest hobby is practicing the art of escape!

Now that he's a walker, he wants to walk everywhere and is of course discovering new things. The latest attraction are the Buddha statues we have on our front...porch...stoop...cement area...I don't know what you call that part of a condo! When he first noticed the happy Buddha he bent down, looked him right in the eye and started laughing...perhaps he sees a bit oh himself in that statue!! You be the judge!
When I was putting ear drops in his ears the other night, which he hates, I put my head on his little chest so I could be right in his face to soothe was the first time I had ever heard his heartbeat! Of course I was beautiful! I started thinking about Zenebek, his birth mother, and wondered if she ever did that...listened to his heart beat...I know she was never able to hear it while she carried him in her body, but it just struck me while I was laying there that his is part of her heartbeat too! It made me happy to know that he gets to carry that around inside of him forever! I have a picture of Marley's birth parents on a shelf in his room, and I can tell he knows who they are! I am happy he does! We pray for them and his brothers every night after story time and I hope as he gets older he will know who we are praying for and why!

I love this little man and I am so grateful that MIke and I have been given the amazing privlege of being his parents and watching him grow! I never knew how much my heart could expand, but it seems I wake up every day just so much more in love with him!
Thank you universe for this gift! I will cherish every day I am blessed to have with him!!


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