Sunday, September 21, 2008


Marley has been sick this week, a fever, runny nose, coughing and general mallaise ...he hasn't even smiled in the past couple of days! Michael is at the urgent care center with him right now...letting me catch up on some sleep (Just called, we have a double ear infection folks)! We both took Thursday off after being up all night with the little guy and Mike stayed home with him Friday morning while I taught 3 classes and then came home!!

I miss being home with him terribly!! I NEVER thought I would miss it as much as I do!! Teaching was always my passion, staying up late reading about new pedagogical strategies, writing grants for new projects, even bringing lesson planning materials on vacation to France last summer! But I am just not into it at all this year!! I don't hate it, and I don't dread going; thank God I am ony teaching until 12:30 and have great, high performing students this year, but being home with him the last couple of days really made me miss it again! I was so fortunate to be able to stay home with him for 6 months, but it just wasn't long enough! And now we are desperate to get out from under the $30K credit card debt we racked up while I wasn't working (which shouldn't have been that high except Mike was told by our district he was going to be getting $7K that he didn't! Three days before we were expecting it, they told us they made a mistake!!).

I never saw myself as the stay at home Mom type, but I guess, I never had such a wonderful son before!! Only three weeks into the school year, I am already longing for summer vacation!! I do have a new friend Sandie who is helping me realize my goals of paying off our debt and making enough money to quite my job!! So I thank her for that awesome opportunity, which is already going better than I expected!! And, of course, I thank my fabulous husband for allowing me to stay home and not freak out about the highest credit card payment we have ever had!!

Here are some pix of happier times!!

And a video of the future: Marley and Mom working from home!!

Video to come soon....

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