Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday Party

As I mentioned, we went to Princess Gracie's 1st Bday party last weekend! The evite touted "The biggest party she will never remember!!" seems that Bday parties for infants are more for adults and older complaints here! I am all for bouncy houses and Corona with a lime...perhaps not together, but I think you get my drift!! It was Marley's first bouncy house experience, which of course should be expected since he has been standing upright and walking for only about 6 weeks now! I think Dad got a bigger kick out of it then Marley did!!

There were quite a few older kids there, you know the mature 3 and 4 year olds who were sitting around talking about mutual funds and the impending financial bail out...we noticied many from this crew under a great deal of stress, perhaps it was the imminent VP debate, or maybe they were still realing from the Obama smack down on Friday night...who knows....but they all seemed to want whatever it was that Marley had in his hands, and they never shyed away from stealing said object from him. Our little trooper just looked at these kids, perhaps with a glimmer of symapthy, for they must be very deprived to continiously prey on our little man, and then delight in the disovery of anew toy...until he finally found something the other kids didn't want!

One of the many great things about Marley is that when the above mentioned would happen, he wouldn't cry. He justs looks at the toy thief, who is usually screaming "MINE!!!!" for a few seconds and then goes and gets something else to play with. It used to make me sad (this isn't the first time I have witnessed such behavior), but now I am thankful and proud. My friend Kelli pointed out how blessed we are to have such a low maintenace, mellow happy child!! I guess if he isn't upset by it, then I shouldn't be either! I just don't want my little guy to ever get taken advantage of...but I have seen his stubborn side as well and know that when it is something important to him, he will fight (or scream) to get what he really wants...

If anyone out there in bloggerville can tell me how to rotate a video I would be much obliged!

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