Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Beginning and the End: California

So here it is: the first blog post of our adventure.  I was thinking about changing the name of the blog since this isn't just about Marley anymore...but I'm not sure yet.  Although these posts will be out of date, they will be in order, and this is the first of many.

These pix were taken on Marley's last day of school, the day before we moved out of Murrieta.  He had an assembly on this day and of course he was honored for being the amazing little man that he is.

Do faces get any cuter?!?!  I mean really???

First award was for perfect attendance!  Kind of hard not to attend school perfectly when your mom works there...but we will take it!  And he wasn't sick once!!  And as much as it frustrated me sometimes when certain people would not get ready on time, I would not trade going to school with him everyday for anything, and I am so happy that the three of us get to do it for the foreseeable future!

And the second award was for excellence in Math!  So it is clear that he did not get my math proud of him!!  The assembly was bitter sweet knowing that it was his last day at school and the last day that I would be at TPS also!  I was told numerous times by SEVERAL faculty members that they would be more than happy to keep Marley for us while Mike and I went on this grand HELLS no!!  How much fun would that be?!?!  Not much!!  But I am so proud that our little man melts hearts all over the world, and I am super proud that he made such a good name for himself during the short time we were at TPS...I know he is missed on that campus and I know he misses his friends, but I am also so very proud of how well he has adjusted!  I know if I had to spend two solid months with my parents (no offense Mom and Dad, you guys were till the coolest of all my friends' parents), barely hanging out with any kids my age, I would be pretty naughty...all in all, I would say we came out unscathed, and dare I say a little closer as the Marcos family!!

On my last day, my seniors threw me a surprise going away party.  I was actually VERY surprised! And very glad that it was only a half day, because I wasn't sure I could make it for several more hours crying as much as I was.  Although I had only been at TPS for a little over a year, I of course LOVED my students!  A fellow teacher said that I must have made an impact on them because they returned the love and, according to him, it showed.  I don't know how much of an impact I made, but they certainly impacted me, and I do still very much love these kids and would do anything to get back to California to go to either prom or graduation...hopefully it will happen..if not, I still think "Cinco de Marcos" would make a fabulous prom theme...just saying!!

 Actually the first of many tears was when I told my ASB kids that we were moving to Bangkok about two weeks before this picture was taken.  I wish I could have recorded that event, because looking back now, it was really funny...well except for the ugly crying and heart breaking part.  Before you think I am a heartless shrew...what I mean, is that one of my ASB kids went through all of the steps of the classic grief cycle (I forget what that is called) in about 5 minutes...and Shannon was sitting next to me commentating and predicting the next phase, the entire time...that was the funny part...not the saying goodbye part...but I am glad I can laugh about it now! That was the first of many goodbyes...and the first of many tears!

We had to say goodbye to our friends in San Diego who are going to have the most excellent marriage, and we are so bummed that we can't be there, but we are so proud of our little Jenni!!
No we are not naked in this photo!!

And to Mike's Broyfriend, who took one for the team and donned a pink band aid when I had a huge hole in my head, a literal hole...not an "I'm a Raiders Fan" hole in the head!  I know Mike misses Phil more than he lets on because every now and then when he gets really excited, he calls me Phill by mistake...perhaps it's the beard!!

I don't think anyone is ever good at goodbyes, but on the night before we left Murrieta, I had to say waaaay too many!  I said goodbye, for the last time, to all of my students, after my House dominated the dodgeball tournament!  They mobbed me on the court during the "celebrity all star game" when I said I had to leave...I will remember that moment forever!  Such a highlight in my career!!

I said goodbye to a dear friend, a true Soul Sister, one whom had just recently become dear to me, way too late, and I wish she and I had gotten together more often like we said we would...although that would have made the goodbye even harder!

I said goodbye to the best friend I had in Murrieta, my oppotwin...the one who got me through the rough spots, and there were A LOT of them to say the least!  I know that we met for a reason, and we met when we did for a reason, and she stole my job for a reason, and we went to Vegas a day early by mistake for a reason...I know everything about this person happened for a reason, and I am beyond grateful and thankful that God put her in my life, because I would not have been able to come out on top without her!  Saying goodbye to her was really, really hard, because I just couldn't imagine a day going by without her in my life...I still can't, so I am very thankful for Line, and coffee,  and the fact that she is a night owl!

BTW...we are NOT naked in this photo!!

And then there's this guy....

I had to say goodbye to him like an hour before I said goodbye to my oppotwin...which was like 15 minutes after I said goodbye to my Soul the hits just kept on coming.  I miss this handsome, furry man very much.  I am of course forever grateful that he has a good, happy and loving home, but selfishly, I want him back!  I want him to nuzzle in MY hand, I want him to lick MY face, I want him to sleep on MY clean black clothes and be the one constant in my life, forever purring and needing nothing other than my presence to make him happy...he was easy, he was always there...RIGHT there as you can see from the photo, and he is just a good guy!  Again, I am soooo happy that he is being more than loved right now...but my lap is cold and my bed is quiet, especially now that Mike has lost 15 pounds and stopped snoring!

So yes, we are on an exciting adventure, but yes, I have been and do get homesick from time to time!  It was particularly hard on Christmas Day...but we are doing this and it's awesome!  I will continue to update the journey even though it has already happened, and when I am totally caught up, I will update in real time!

I guess this post boils down to being thankful for all the people in our lives that we have the opportunity to love and miss...

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