Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let the Adventure Begin

After leaving California, we went to Tucson to stay with my family for about a week before heading off to see my sister in Florida and take a much needed, relaxing, family fun cruise through the Caribbean.  Why am I not posting about saying "goodbye" to our families you may be asking?  I don't know, I guess I don't feel like we did say goodbye...of course we will see everyone, friends and family, when we go back to Tucson and California, and although it was sad to say "goodbye" to both of our families, it just doesn't feel like goodbye...I talk, Skype and text with them, maybe not as often as I want to, but we are working on the time difference...but it wasn't goodbye, just because it wasn't.

So off to Miami we went...

Where Marley met a street artist..and grew a beard and mustache...

And Auntie Melonnie made us both beautiful!!

We went to brunch at some cute little place in South beach... 

and the boys got their oysters on!

Then we went to the beach for some impromptu sand castle building.

And we saw a manatee while walking back to our hotel from breakfast.  Mike was super excited about it!

I also got to see my little brother Keith Eric, I hadn't seen him since right after we got married, so it was great to see him...I can't believe how much he looks like his dad!

We got to spend four or five days with Melonnie total and I was really glad I got to see her before we left.  We are both very emotional, so the airport was a bunch of ugly crying and extended hugs...and then it was off to Espana!

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