Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

If you know Marley, then you know he loves Thomas the Train...and by love, I mean is totally and completely OBSESSED with him! I don't know what it is, because quite frankly I find the show to be a total bore, but it started with Marley before he could even talk. When Mike would get ready for work in the mornings, he would put Marley in his high chair with some food and plop him in front of PBS for a bit so he could get dressed, etc. The first time Thomas came on he freaked out when Mike tried to turn it off! He was screaming!! Total Thomas fit...and it hasn't let up since! So...when Thomas comes to town and we can go see him, and take a ride on him, we don't miss that opportunity. Last year Papa came with us, this year it was just Marley and Michael (I was home with food poisoning). And THIS is the face of a very happy Marley!!
Meeting Sir Topham Hat, or as Michael calls him Sir Topham Hot Spurs, I prefer Sir Topham Hot Pants myself, but whatevs...
Heading out to the Big Easy on a trolly...

Steam no mind to the "No Climbing" sign on the platform that he is sitting on...little rebel!!

Mesmerized by a new Thomas movie. Michael said he thought the kids sitting next to Marley were Ethiopian!!
Getting his Thomas tattoo!
Thomas is in the background, this is the train they rode on! On a side note, I think Marley looks so handsome in this picture! I know I am biased, but he may be the best looking boy in the world...look out ladies!!
All aboard! Waiting for the train, they have their boarding passes!!

On the train!!

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