Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Partying Like A Rock Star

This is Marley's girlfriend! Her name is Grace; we call her princess Gracie! She and Marley go to the clink together and Gracie is the daughter of our friends Dylan and Lindsay, we work with Dylan! Mike thinks Grace is the cutest little girl he has ever seen and apparently so does Marley...unless Dad is trying to hold Grace and then Marley hates her...but that's another post!

This weekend we went to Grace's house to celebrate her brother Jackson's 3rd birthday...notice there are not pictures of Jackson, that's because our little flirt was only hangin with the ladies! To get their attention, Marley tried out the Hughes method of attraction...I think it worked!
When that grew tiresome, Marley then hopped on his wheels and cruised for a new love interest...

Gracie's older sister Sage...apparently he has something for the ladies in this family!!
I think Gracie got a little irked with Marley's flirtaion, because she pretended to ignore him and fain interest in "The Urban Cheeleader", I kid you not that's what the doll is called. And it sings cheers that aren't appropriate for a high schooler, let alone a one-year-old...but it was a gift...and I won't use this post to go off on my soap box about sterotyping...I'm sure everyone can read between the lines!

To get Gracie's attention back on him, he challneged her to an old fashioned drag race...

And in typical boy fashion, the spirit of competition quickly overcame the desire to flirt...girls have cooties anyway...geesh!!

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