Friday, November 21, 2008

Make Your Holiday Shopping Count!!

With the state of the economy everyone is looking to save a little money this holiday season and no one has money to spare to donate to a worthy cause. You all know that I am passionate about AHOPE for Children and this year you can save money and make a difference by purchasing your holiday greeting cards from AHOPE for only $12

This year AHOPE is offering packages of beautiful holiday cards to send to your friends and family this holiday season. This is a wonderful fund raiser for AHOPE and it also spreads the word of that amazing things AHOPE is doing.

Please consider purchasing a package of these cards from the AHOPE Store today! Your partnership with us in promoting AHOPE makes a huge difference. The more people know, the more that can be done.

As with all store items, 100% of proceeds support the mission of AHOPE.

You can visit the AHOPE Store at


You can also go to OneCause and register AHOPE for Children as your chosen cause. Whenever you use OneCause to do your retail shopping (at over 500 on-line retailers) a portion of your purchase will be donated directly to AHOPE for Children!!
And the coolest thing is the Onecause toolbar. When you download it and unknowingly go to a Onecause retailer, you'll get a pop-up letting you now that retailer will donate a portion of your purchase to your cause!!
Just last night Michael and I were making our hotel reservations on Expedia when a pop up told us that if we went to Onecause and used Expedia 1.25% of our purchase would go to AHOPE! So of course we did (and it only took one click and we were on the Expedia site, it was just through Onecause) and we were able to help AHOPE without spending ANY extra money!!
How cool is that!?!?

So, if you're going to shop this holiday season, you might as well shop with compassion!!

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