Monday, April 21, 2008

Momma Loves Marley

These are the original lyrics to a little song I sing to him when I put him to bed...who couldn't love this little one?? I sure do! More than I ever thought possible! In fact, I was even telling him at brunch on Sunday, that I love him more than crab legs...and for those of you who know me...that's a lot! Even Mike was inpressed!

You know, it's funny how everyone kept telling us that having Marley would completly change our lives. In some ways it has: my heart has blossomed even larger than it was, the dream project has come to fruition, I do have more things to do around the house, including waking up early, or (very rarely) in the middle of the night, etc. But in many, and wonderful, ways it hasn't: we still go out to eat a lot and take our little restaurauntuer with us, Mike and I still get to hang out every night together and watch movies (although now we rarely make it through a complete one in one night) and we even get alone time thanks to Marley's amazing ability to love being at daycare!! He is so perfect for us! I couldn't imagine having any other child!

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