Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chargers Training Camp

As season ticket holders to the San Diego Chargers, we were invited to come watch the first day of training camp and meet the players and, of course the cheerleaders!! Marley had his picture taken with this cutie and then his reputation spread all over camp...
After walking back from meeting some of the players a group of cheerleaders approached us and they said "Oh there's Marley" "It's Marley" "He's so cute!" and they wanted a picture with him! He was in heaven!!

Then we met Darrin Sproles, superstar running back! And as you can see Marley was staking his claim on his Mommy!! Sproles is pretty short, which gives me hope for all short black men in the world!!
And then the clouds parted and I was reunited with my celebrity boyfriend, David Binn....longsnapper for the the Chargers! I met (and by "met" I mean I served him a free cigar while he got his celebrity on) him his first year on the team in 1995 and instantly fell in love! He was tall, had long hair and...dude...he's a pro football player!! When I spotted him at training camp I made a bee line for him! Mike shouted out to him "David, my wife has been in love with you forever, can we get a picture?" And David replied (insert nervous awe/love struck half laugh here) "Awe shut up dude...of course!" And then I said (insert dreamy music) "I have been a big fan since 95"...what?!?! That was my reply?!?! I am reunited with my celebrity dream boyfriend and that's my line?!?! Well, for Marley's sake I guess it's better that our love was not reignited...explaining why Marley has two dad's and one mom may be a bit akward!!

Model Train Museum

Last week was Mike's last week of vacation so we tried to do as much fun stuff as we could to make our staycation feel like a vacation! We went down to San Diego to the Model Train Museum, and needless to say Marley LOVED it!! He is so obsessed with trains!! His daddy bought him a Thomas book, hat and glow in the dark shirt!!

Nw if we could just get him to stop saying "Cheese" when we take his picture all would be good!!
A little overwhelmed!!

Blueberry Picking

Since we moved here I have joined a couple of Mom's groups, one is for adoptive families and the other is for moms over 30...that barely look over 21! Since I haven't been working and Marley's been out of school we have been hanging out and doing a lot of fun stuff! On this day we went with the Moms Over 30 group to the Temecula Blueberry farm where we were able to pick and eat our own blueberries!

I think someone may have a future in farming! It is in his blood afterall!!

Cousin Erin

While Uncle Bro was being inducted into the Martial Arts hall of fame we got to hang out with cousin Erin! She was such a help with Marley and I think they had a really good time! We went to the toy store and then to get some frozen yogurt!
And when Bro and Tammie got back from the ceremonies, Bro bent this frying pan for us! And he autographed it afterwards...pretty cool!!
Video wouldn't load...to be continued!

Look What We Can Do!!

OK, so this really has nothing to do with Marley other than the fact that his super cool Papa and Momma did all this amazing work! My parents rent a condo in Solana Beach twice a year for a month and while they were here in May-June my dad and I did a whole lot of building!!
We started with a table to surround the firepit I bought...Dad taught me how to weld, but I still need to tile it! Then we moved onto this custom planter...

After a big wind storm my next door neighbor's pergola thing blew to pieces, so I asked him if I could have some of it. I took the corners apart and spray painted them blue to make a trellis for the jasmine! So it's green...blue, but green!!

Then we reconstructed the existing benches to make them more comfy and sturdier...

Dad had to test them out to make sure they were lounge worthy!

They are!!

And here is the finished product!! A comfy seating area with a firepit for those cool Temecula evenings! The tile that I will be using is totally different from what is pictured here, and I will update when I finish...if I ever get a job and can afford the $16 per piece tile!