Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sid the Science Kid!!

Today we went up to LA to the California Science Center to meet Sid the Science Kid. Sid is on PBS and one of a very small handful of shows we let Marley watch because it is pretty educational. Sid and his 3 other classmates (wonder how much tuition is at that school) "Investigate, something else I can't remember, and Explore" many different topics including why Sid can't stay at home and watch TV all weekend and why it always rains when Sid has a play date planned. The show also has some pretty cool tunes including, my favorite which is sung on his way to school..."I love my Mom...uh-huh....My mom is cool....uh-huh....but now it's time for having fun in school!!"
So when we found out that Sid was going to be in LA we knew we had to go!! What we didn't know was that the entire county of LA would be there as well! Poor Mike stood in line for over an hour in the 100* heat while Marley and I took cover in the shade and Marley tried his best to hoola-hoop.

Once we got in, the line situation only got worse. There were three shows we could've seen: a sneak preview at a new episode, a family sing along and the meet Sid and take a picture show. Had we waited in line to actually have Marley's picture taken it probably would've been at least another we went the more...shall we say...economical approach and jumped behind some tables to have our picture taken "Near" Sid...almost the same right?!?!
I am pretty sure Marley is making fun of the fact that my upper lip disappears when I smile in the above picture....rude!!
He was pretty psyched despite not getting to "hold Sid"...and we got access to all the other exhibits, except for the Mummy exhibit! Marley saw a picture of a mummy and asked Mike "is that Egypt Daddy?" How smart is my little scientist?!?

A good long day was had by's almost 6 and he's still crashed out on the couch!!

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