Sunday, June 15, 2008

Doing Better With What I Can

After the last post I had some serious discussions with myself and Mike. The ones with myself were along the lines of the difference of being caring and compassionate versus obsessive and counterproductive. So I took action in the ways I knew how to feel like I was doing something to help the people of my son's homeland. I read more articles about the drought and watched some BBC...why doesn't the American media report this stuff?? And then I made a donation to UNICEF and purchased some protein bars on behalf of my dad and fahter-in-law as part of their Father's Day present. I then sat back and asked myself what else could I do? I could give more money, but that might be irresponsible right now with our financial situation...I could keep crying and worrying, but what good would that do? So I took stock of what I had done: Educated my family and friends via email and a post on this blog, made a donation to a cause that I know will help Ethiopia directly and purchased two really gifts that will do the same thing. Could I as a human being do more? Yes. Can I as Lauren Marcos do more with what I have right now? No. What good will come of it if I wallow in my sadness for these people? I will have a bad day which would take away from the gift of spending the next 2 months home with my son. My decision: I was happy with the extraordinarliy small change I made and loved the poop out of Marley for the rest of the day!

The discussion I had with Mike was much shorter and went something like this:

M: Are you OK?

L: I've been thinking about the drought in Ethiopia and Mathewos and Marley's two brothers.

M: Yeah, it's been all over the news, really sad.

L: I'm worried about what would happen if Mathewos had to make an adoption plan for Marley's brothers.

M: Why?

L: Well because we would get that call.

M: Well, we would do whatever we had to to be able to adopt them of course. So see, there is nothing to worry about?

L: (no words...just tears...)

So to my husband I say have grown so much in the last few months and I see you continuing to to do so. I am so proud of you and happy to be your wife! I love you more and more each day, especially as I see you embrace your role as Marley's father. Thank you for being such a wonderful amaze me!
And that is why I love this man!!

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