Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marley's 3rd Birthday Pt. Deux...

The day of Marley's Bday party started with a present from Nana and Grandpa Keith...a stuffed moose!

Ronnie was the first to arrive and he and Marley broke out the Thomas bubbles...

It was a beautiful day for a pool party and Uncle Frank got Marley an inflatable shark that was a huge hit with the kids!

He wanted a Thomas the Train cake...of course, but if you order them from a bakery they are outrageously expensive! So I thought I would try my hand at making one myself. Now those of you who know me know that I did not inherit my father's artistic jean. I am however adventurous and stubborn...that and Marley was only 3 so it's not like his friends will be making fun of his ugly cake! Anyway, this was my practice drawing with blue frosting on a paper towel and it turned out ok...

and then once the pressure was on it turned out like this...and this was the second attempt! Needless to say there was a lot of frosting on top of the cake!! But it tasted good and Marley recognized him as Thomas, so all's well that ends well!

We sang Happy Birthday and Marley blew out his imaginary candles...
Marley got some Thomas stickers and decided that Rachel's chest was a great place to put them...he's no dummy! His dad was proud!

Someone couldn't hang....

Marley's 3rd Birthday

Since we didn't have a party for Marley last year (yes, I know I am a horrible he will have something to talk about with his therapist when he's 15 and I am sooooo stupid) I really wanted to do it up this year! So first we baked GIANT cupcakes (with reduced sugar cake mix and frosting, so it was ok) and Marley helped me put blue sprinkles on them.
Then we went to school to share the goodness! Mike was able to take the day off so we were all able to go to school together and watch the merriment...I cried...of course, but I don't think anyone saw! The kids, yes...mostly boys, were eagerly awaiting the giant cupcakes that HAD to be blue, because Thomas the Train is blue, and of course it's Marley's favorite color!
They sang Happy Birthday...
And then they ate cake...

This is Marley's BFF Ronnie. Whenever they see each other at school they do a happy dance which consists of some River Dance type moves, spinning in a circle and then the baseball slide into home! When one of them leaves, they lift their shirts and do a belly bump then hug and say bye-bye. It's pretty adorable!

A Weekend With Auntie Lesley

Hanging at the pool...
Breakfast in bed!

We went to San Diego to celebrate Lesley and Ricki's 1st wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and had a wonderful time at the ballgame and hanging by the pool!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Is it me or does he look a little like Fat Albert in the above picture??
Say Cheese!
Root Root for the Home Team!!
We went to the Padres game last weekend for Lesley and Ricky's one year anniversary and someone had a great time!!